The Hottest Daughters of the GOP

Mccain Daughter

In the 2008 Election, Republicans had a decided advantage when it came to cute daughters, a fact we highlighted on election day. Meghan McCain and Bristol Palin have continued to gain attention over the past four years, which even caused us to ask the question of which was hotter.

Palin Daughter

Unfortunately Mitt Romney’s sperm is so magical it can only produce sons, and Paul Ryan’s daughter is far too young to even enter the conversation. So it appears that the GOP isn’t bringing the same level of talent to the competition this time around. There are however plenty of GOP daughters who are worth a look, and the fine folks at Virgin Mobile have put together the collection. If only Jon Huntsman had survived the primaries, the Republicans would have some hot daughters to throw out there at campaign stops, and honestly a better candidate too.

huntsmans daughters  560x387