Hot Tampa Bay Rays Fans

jenn sterger rays college grad night 199x300With the Tampa Bay Rays making their first appearance in both the Playoffs and the World Series, we here at wanted to take some time to get to know their loyal fans. After all, this team is based in Florida, and while Tampa Bay is no Miami, we figured the ladies there might be fun to take a look at. So we have put together this collection of Rays fans that we have found on the net. We didn’t take any of these photos, or get permission to use them. However we believe that female Rays fans are willing to do whatever it takes to help their boys win, so they won’t mind.

Keep in mind when you view this gallery, the news recently published on, which stated that female fans of the Rays were getting bikini waxes to support the team. Since the guys were getting mohawks, the ladies decided to do the next best thing :

It’s the second most popular style to sweep the Rays craze. A bikini wax. Mohawk-style. Team pride comes with a little sacrifice. Women wince. They cry. They even scream. When all is said and done, women are left with a female Rayhawk. For $30, women are walking in to Skin Deep Spatique and requesting this popular style. They call it, “the special”. Michelle says the response has been crazy. She chuckled and told us, “It’s fun. Now us ladies have a way of participating.” It seems to be making a lot of men happy, Michelle says, as women come home with what she calls a big “surprise. If you’re not really into sports, but maybe your husband or boyfriend is — to go home with a Mohawk, and that’s what some of the girls have done.”

That gives you a nice mental image as you begin to peruse these actual images. There is some definite talent here, with Jenn Sterger as the top prospect on the farm team.