The Hot Ladies of Cinemax

One of life’s greatest pleasures is to have cable. Having said that, there is little point in cable as a whole without movie channels. Above and beyond that, there’s Cinemax. Affectionately referred to as ‘Skin-emax’ for varying and strikingly obvious reasons, this Premium cable station has been dishing out quality nudity since August of 1980 and it consistently provides it’s viewing audience with hours of wonderful, lovely, hot, hot sex. These particular ‘After Dark’ selections are promoted as ‘Soft-Core’ pornography and pretty much show everything you can legally show in the U.S. without actually delving fully into XXX territory. Over the years many lovely women have graced Cinemax on their own brand of original programming. Here’s the hottest of the hot.

Editor’s Note : Originally this article contained videos of each lady, but unfortunately all of those videos have been removed from YouTube at this time. Bummer eh?

Gabriella Hall

gabriellahall 75x75Gabriella Hall (born on July 18, 1966) is a model and actress from L.A. who is best known for her appearances in Cinemax TV shows and movies such as Erotic Confessions, The Exotic Time Machine, and Beverly Hills Bordello. To date, she has appeared in over 58 TV shows and movies, many of which are Soft-Core. She has posed for Playboy and appeared in one of their videos, Playboy: Girls of the Internet.

Landon Hall

landon hall 75x75Landon Hall’s ‘body’ of work includes the following: Executive Power, Body of Influence 2, White Cargo, Witchcraft 9: Bitter Flesh (There were actually 12 of them, just so ya know), Lady Killer, and Maximum Revenge

Catherine Bell

catherine bell 75x75Well known for her roll on JAG and just plain being hot, Catherine Bell began her illustrious career on such Cinemax and HBO shows as Hotline and Dream On.


Divini Rae

divini rae56 148 75x75Divini Rae is an American model and actress. She was chosen as Playmate of the Month by Playboy magazine in November, 2003 and has appeared in numerous Playboy videos and Playboy Special Editions. She has since modeled nude for Mystique magazine and Suze Randall, and starred in the Cinemax series Hotel Erotica Cabo under the name Micah Miller. She also stars in the series Erotic Traveler playing as Marissa. Oh, and she’s SMOKIN‘ hot.

Nikki Fritz

fritz 75x75Nikki Fritz is an American model and softcore porn actress namely in Cinemax its like Nightcap and Bedtime Stories as well as in this clip from Bare Wench Project 2 (yes, she’s also in the first one) . In 2005, she stopped appearing in television films but she continues to maintain her website and have a fabulous rack.

Kim Yates

yates 75x75Kim is an actress who has starred in myriad Cinemax films such as: Nightcap, The Model Solution, Secret Pleasures, Stripper Wives, and The Pleasure Zone. Despite having really short hair (I don’t know what that means), she is fine and dandy.
Sorry, no available YouTube or other videos where she isn’t starkers.

Kim Dawson

dawson 75x75Believe it or not, Kim Dawson former real state agent. Her voluptuous measurements are a curvy 36D-24-35. Her Cinemax starring rolls are in these award winners: Bedtime Stories, Bikini Med-School, Voyeur, and Stripteaser 2. Not a day goes by where she isn’t actively nude.

Angela Davies

angeladavies 75x75Angela Davies is another sizzling chick who can be seen in any of the following on Cinemax: The radio host of Hotline,  Co-Ed Confidential, Hotel Erotica Cabo, Sex Games Vegas, and The Sex Substitute 2 (the first one wasn’t that great.)
Once again, just nothing decent where she isn’t ‘on board’ some guy.

Candice Michelle

candicemichelle4 75x75Though we all know Candice from WWE, she also had a rather steamy scene from Cinemax’s own Hotel Erotica where, according to IMDB, this happens: “It seems that a sex scene involving Candice Michelle in the movie “Hotel Erotica : Model Behavior” includes penetration.”

Tylene Buck

tylenebuck2 ds 75x75Tylene Buck is an American model, pornographic actress and a former professional wrestling valet under the name of Major Gunns. She has recently appeared in the Cinemax X-rated spoof of Cloverfield called ‘Cleavagefield’. No, I’m not making that up.