Hot Ladies And Smokin’ Guns

gun girl 51We here at Gunaxin like to do our part in supporting every conceivable holiday on the calendar. But, what we really prefer is any excuse to both support our wonderful military while at the same time showing off some pictures of exceptionally hot women. Yet, when there’s even another reason to add firearms to the mix -seeing as how Veteran’s Day is a military holiday- of both hot ladies and special days, well, then you’ve got gold, my friends! So, since November 11th is the observed day for Veteran’s Day, it makes all the more sense to want to sit back and ogle some very attractive ladies with big guns. Oh, and they have pistols and rifles, too. Ha! Would you like to know more abut Veterans Day? Well, Wikipedia does a fine job of breaking it all down for you. I’ll let you read it on your own time so we can get to chicks quicker. Yeah, I’m cool like that.

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