Osama Bin Laden’s Porn Stash

(video via NextRound)

sexy hijab

UPDATE : In light of the news that porn was found at Osama Bin Laden’s complex in Pakistan, we thought we’d share this old post of ours, as we assume this is the kind of sexy goodness they found.

Hijabs and burkas are what many married Muslim women wear to cover themselves so guys don’t ogle them. Well, that doesn’t really stop us, but instead makes us wonder what’s underneath. The video above shows us that what’s underneath might be better than you expect. And while many women who wear these likely aren’t lookers, the odds are that some are. Unfortunately, photos of hot Muslim women who wear these are few and far between. So the photos that you see are probably non-Muslim women playing dress-up, or Muslim prostitutes.

To satisfy our curiosity, here are photos of relatively hot girls wearing hijabs or burkas. And at the bottom, be sure to check out Burka Girls Gone Wild.

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