Hometown Hotties Semifinals

582x386 girls 1 560x371We have great news! Maxim has narrowed their latest Hometown Hotties crop down to the Top 100, which means its time for another round of voting :

After 10 weeks of intense voting, the 100 hottest women of the U.S. and Canada have been chosen by you (that means these ladies love you!) to move on to the Semifinalist round of Hometown Hotties. Today, the contestants kick it up a notch by debuting their home videos, and with them a whole new round of hotness. It’s easy to make these Semifinalists want you even more: Vote for ’em every day! Your picks help 10 hopefuls move on to the Finalist round, so start privately screening the steamy 2010 videos and vote for your Top 10!

Honestly voting for just 10 of these girls is a bit challenging, but here are a few of our favorites :

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Ashley l1 1 560x373

Erica l1 560x373

Jessica l1 560x373

Victoria l1 560x373