Top Celebrity Butterfaces

Since the time you started to notice girls, you’d probably met at least one who was hot anywhere from the neck down BUT HER FACE. She’s what people call a butterface.

Some have mentioned Posh Spice, Sandra Oh and Sarah Jessica Parker, but these are not valid choices. While Oh and Parker don’t have the bodies to back it up, Posh Spice is just downright nasty from head to toe after her countless plastic surgeries.

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From left: Posh Spice, Sandra Oh, Sarah Jessica Parker

Let’s start the countdown, shall we? These ten hot women are celebrities so the standard has to be high. Therefore, these so called butterfaces are not necessarily ugly and may still be way better looking than many girls you know.

10. April Scott
april scott 230x300

The American model and actress’s body is one of the finest you’ll ever see, with her most memorable performance in The Dukes of Hazzard – The Beginning. Too bad the five-finger-forehead and the big flat nose kill everything.

9. Vida Guerra
vida guerra 200x300

With too many of those familiar face-flattering over-the-shoulder photos to showoff her perfect behind, many people don’t get to see Vida’s face close-up, but you probably want to keep it that way.

8. Uma Thurman
uma thurman 220x300

Uma Thruman is best known for her long luscious legs, tall physique, and her groundbreaking performances in Dangerous Liaisons, Pulp Fiction, Gattaca, and Kill Bill. Too bad her amazing figure comes short when you stare at those strange pair of eyes.

7. Hilary Swank
hilary swank 200x300

The two-time Golden Globe and Academy Awards winner is well known for her sexy toned body, but for someone who won the Academy Awards for playing a transgender man in Boys Don’t Cry, and a masculine boxer in Million Dollar Baby, you know she has no chance to be called pretty.

6. Michelle Rodriguez
michelle rodriguez 219x300

Michelle is a badass chick that many guys and girls admire. Not sure whether it’s because of her manly face, this hot girl is always set to play this same tough chick in The Fast and the Furious, Blue Crush, and the hit TV drama Lost.

5. Brooke Hogan
brooke hogan 197x300

The daughter of the pro-wrestling legend Hulk Hogan inherited those gigantic boobs from her mother. She’s best known for her appearances in the VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best and its spin-off Brooke Knows Best. For many years, Brooke has been fighting hard for her pop-singing career. Too bad her singing career can’t advance further with her man-like face scaring off many teenagers.

4. Kathy Griffin
kathy griffin 205x300

Forget about her face and her annoying presence on any TV shows. This Emmy-award winning stand-up comedian surely has a nice body for her age.

3. Jelena Jankovic
jelena jankovic 206x300

Jelena Jankovic is currently the number one ranked female tennis player of the world. Nothing can beat those nice long legs in a mini-skirt, but above her neck is where you want to stop looking.

2. Tori Spelling
tori spelling 199x300

This 90210 girl needs no introduction. When people talk about butterfaces, the name Tori Spelling is always brought up. Despite being called a horse-face throughout her life, Tori is gifted with a pair of super nice breasts that make men turn heads.

1. Fergie
fergie 222x300

The Black Eyed Peas used be an unknown rap group to many until the addition of Fergie that changed everything. Now she’s one of the hottest solo artists in the music industry. No one can get enough of that nice firm rear and chiseled abs of hers. Unfortunately, her many failed attempts on perfecting her face are leading her to the path of Joan Rivers.

There you have it. Here is our Top 10 list of Celebrity Butterfaces. This list is inspired by the original Top 10 Celebrity Butterfaces list posted by DoubleViking a year ago. Check out their list and come back to tell us what you think.