Hilary Duff : Innocent Turns Badass


There are some conflicting reports on the internet about Hilary Duff starring in the title role of the upcoming Bonnie and Clyde. If she is indeed in it, we’re sure she’ll be great in the film, but we’re having a tough time imagining Lizzie McGuire ruthlessly blasting away Texas lawmen. Although it would be interesting if they incorporated the little cartoon version of Hilary making comments during the bloodiest scenes. Then, if the violent Hilary catches on, she can do a remake of Scarface. We can see her now surrounded by guns and mountains of coke. On second thougt, that one would be a better role for Miley Cyrus. Until the new Bonnie and Clyde hits theaters you can follow Hilary Duff on Twitter or check out her hot gallery below.