Heidi Montag is Back on the Market

heidi montag playboy

We’ve said a lot of not so nice things about Heidi Montag in the past, mainly centered around the fact that she doesn’t deserve her fame, launched an ill-fated musical career and married one of the biggest douchebags we’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have grace our television screen.

But good news! Heidi, or at least we assume it’s Heidi (frankly with all of that plastic surgery, we just can’t tell anymore) has finally figured out what the rest of us already knew: Spencer Pratt is an asshole. And since she’s divorcing his bitch ass, we take back every nasty thing we ever said about her. Well, maybe not everything. Okay, so we don’t take back any of it, because it’s all entirely true. Either way, enjoy some photos of the newly single Ms. Montag, who is kind of like Darth Vader in that from the looks of her she’s more machine now than woman.