Gina Carano : Fighter to Actress

gina carano overdose 33 560x289Back in 2009, we provided you with 50 Reasons Why Gina Carano Should Stay Out of the Cage. Essentially we were saying we didn’t want to see that pretty face get smashed in any longer by beasts like Cyborg Santos. Luckily she has taken our advice, and has begun an acting career, where she can still get physical, but keep the sexy intact. So fast forward a couple of years, and Gina Carano stars in her breakout role, as Mallory Kane in Haywire. If you missed it in the theatre, you’re in luck because DVD and Blu-Ray hit store shelves on Tuesday, May 1st. Check out the trailer below to see what kind of ass-kicking Gina has been up to recently :

…and since it’s been a few years since we’ve shared photos of Gina on this site, we thought we’d put together a gallery including mostly her more recent shots :