Gabriella Katia : Horse Charmer

Gabriella Katia 07 560x374

Gabriella Katia is another one of those models from Florida that we found on Model Mayhem. She recently posed with photographer Joey Wright for some of our favorite photos in her portfolio. We particularly enjoyed Joey’s recap of the photo shoot :

  • Joey and Gabriella almost get lost in the woods in a small off-road vehicle
  • Horse attempts to stick its tongue in Gabriella’s ear
  • A single fire ant bites Gabriella 7 times on her left butt cheek
  • Joey hits a small mammal with his car on the way home

You can see a good sampling of Miss Katia below, or check out Joey’s site for more from that recent shoot.

Sadly she has this note on her Model Mayhem page, “Please do not contact me for nudes or fetish”, which totally ruins my plans for this weekend.