Fifty Sexy Actresses from Fifty States


Happy 238th Birthday America!

It’s a happy Independence Day indeed when you celebrate with family and friends, juicy grilled meats and satiating cold beer, banging tunes and explosive fireworks, and fifty of the hottest and most popular American actresses.

But these screen sirens are not here to spark your fuse or cook up your loins. They’re taking you to school for a little American history, maybe even score you a hundred on that final next year. So keep this page bookmarked and study hard.

Yes, the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, but each of the fifty states took their own turn joining the union Рeither by ratifying the U.S. Constitution or some other act of admission.

These fifty sexy and sultry beauties are here representing their birth states and yearn to give you what you really want to know: how to consummate a great union.