Famke Janssen is Downright Delightful

Famke Janssen 15 560x419

Famke Janssen will forever be remembered as Jean Grey from the blockbuster X-Men movie trilogy. But many of you might also recall that she once starred in the James Bond classic, Goldeneye, as Xenia Onatopp. She even popped up in the infamous N64 game too.

But our love for Famke, which in Dutch means “girl”, doesn’t stop there. She was also in one of the greatest poker movies of all time, Rounders. And then she also starred in the hit TV show Nip/Tuck and is now starring in Hemlock Grove, another incredibly underrated hit TV show you need to be watching. All she needs to do now is star in an epic Liam Neeson flick, wait…

She is a Jill of all trades and we just love her. So to celebrate her birthday today, she is turning 48 years young, we bring to you a gallery of her greatest shots. Enjoy.