Fabulously Foxy Friends From All Over

Friendship Month 49 e1358789544159February is International Friendship Month. It is the one month of the year you can quit being a loner and start making some new friends. We all take our friends for granted as we get older. Case in point, go get trashed in an unfriendly neighborhood one night during the week then call one of your old friends to see if they would come pick you up.

But in this month, everyone is a friend. We should all challenge ourselves to make one new friend a week for the entire month.

Or, and that is one big giant or, we can remain our happy little selves, stick to the friends we already have, and let the women do the befriending. Yeah, we think that would work out better anyways. Let’s let all the beautiful women, and lesbians, make new friends. We imagine it would look something like these photos.