Eva Green: Morgan in Camelot

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On April 1st, Camelot, an original series by Starz premieres. Hopefully, this re-imagining of the Arthurian legend is undergoing the Starz treatment of historical fiction by inserting heavy amounts of blood, gore and nudity, similar to the last two seasons of Spartacus. Having seen the pilot episode, that outlook is looking rather good. Couple that with the fact that Eva Green is one of the stars of the show, and you know there will be some beautiful eye candy in store. Eva will be portraying the character of Morgan, who in previous Arthurian tellings, is often a villainess with sorcerous powers. Early indications point towards this common villainess interpretation, we’ll have to see if this re-imagination deviates from this script.

We’re very excited to see Eva back on the screen, and on a tv series we’ll see more than the standard 90-120 minutes of her in a year. We’ve had our eye on Eva Green for some time at Gunaxin. Back in 2008, she was #4 on our list of Hollywood’s top young actresses then in 2009 she rated #9 on our list of 22 favorite nude scenes in mainstream cinema for her turn in the Dreamers, still one of the most erotic mainstream films. Most people probably know her as Vesper Lynd, the Bond girl from the Casino Royale remake with Daniel Craig. Casino Royale, one of the better Bond films was definitely enhanced by her ability to go to toe with Mr. Bond. Eva has also starred in Kingdom of Heaven and The Golden Compass (re-teaming with Daniel Craig). She’s had quite the career since making the jump to the screen.

To celebrate the premiere of Camelot and our ability to see Eva Green on the screen in the nude again, we present this gallery of her images. Her somewhat exotic looks and dress coupled with her apparent lack of hang ups with nudity, definitely puts Eva Green on the hottie list.

Check out the trailer below: