Eva Amurri Proves that Nepotism is Awesome

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To really make it in Hollywood, you have to have a lot of things break your way. It’s a difficult career to really excel at unless you’ve got a lot of luck in your corner. Fortunately for us, Eva Amurri has two very big things working in her favor.

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No, not those you perv.

We’re talking, of course, about the fact that Susan Sarandon is her mother and she’s one of the stars of the hit show Californication, in which David Duchovny “plays” a man who is a sex addict. Real stretch there, Mulder.

But the real heroes in this story are the casting director who put Eva in the role of a stripper and the writer who worked in an awesome, awesome scene in which she actually performs that job. We’re not going to say you can find that video clip online or anything, but you can. Easily.

The bottom line is that as Eva Amurri proves, Hollywood nepotism isn’t always such a bad thing.