Elin Grindemyr : Swedish Cutie

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Elin Grindemyr is a model from Sweden. Her first appearance was in the Swedish men’s magazine Slitz in the September 2003 issue as a contender for “Annual Sexiest Girlfriend”. Despite the fact that she did not win this contest, she has appeared in Slitz several times thereafter and in May 2005, Elin was voted as the sexiest woman in Sweden by the readers. While there is interest in Grindemyr from her fan base, Grindemyr had previously contacted the webmasters of some of her fan sites, asking them to remove her pictures. The reason given apparently stems from privacy issues. – Wikipedia

So you may ask, why would I post photos of someone who doesn’t seem to want them on “fan sites?” First, that is a silly question, look at the pictures numb nuts. Second, who wouldn’t want a take down notice from Elin? You may recognize the picture above from the famous photoshopped image that appeared in our Alabama girls gallery. Sorry to tell you Crimson Tide fans, but this is no Bama girl. You may not have known who it was until now, so we’re pleased to solve that mystery for you. I would tell you more about Miss Grindemyr, but we know damn well you aren’t reading this, so enjoy the photos.