Eighties Ladies : Samantha Fox

samantha fox 9If you, too, were a adolescent boy somewhere in the mid-to-late 80’s, it was almost a given that you had some super sexy chicks hanging around, in poster form, all over your walls. And if you did, and your parents were as blissfully unaware as mine were, you got to tack up some lusciously fine pictures of Samantha Fox. Just about as prevalent and nearly as important as Farrah’s poster from the 70’s, Samantha Fox’s represented a full one-third of all young guy’s masturbatory material and wet-dream fantasies for the better half of the decade. Samantha Fox wasn’t Runway Model material for sure, she was a ratty-haired, slutty mall-chick and we wouldn’t have had her any other way. Besides just being fine-ass eye candy, she also knocked out a few chart-topping hits as well, which made her all the more visual on places like M-TV. Soon, though, Ms. Fox dipped a little lower into the sexiness barrel and went full nude for many of her pictorials including those for Penthouse, Club, and Playboy. Lucky were those who got away with dangling centerfolds and nudie-book clippings to his wall. I wasn’t quite that lucky, but I sure had enough posters to blot out the sun. Anyway, let’s sit back, possibly open our collective flies for old time sake, and peruse the wonderful world of Samantha Fox.

Naughty Girls Need Love, Too. Damn right…

Hold on Tight. I wonder what she’s referring to?