Dude Looks Like a Lady(boy)

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Miss Tiffany Universe Pageant 2009

Every year, contestants from Thailand gather to compete for the coveted title of Miss Tiffany Universe. One of the most popular Thai beauty and talent contests, The Miss Tiffany Universe Pageant is like so many others that happen all around the world. Except for one small thing.

All contestants were born male.

That’s right! Miss Tiffany is a transvestite beauty pageant. The contestants, referred to as “ladyboys”  in Thailand, are a mix of pre-op and post-op transexuals. Take a look at some photos from the actual pageant.

Pretty amazing, huh? Ladyboys are very popular in Thailand, referring to themselves as the “third sex”. Though many people are sure they can tell a real Thai chick from a ladyboy, most who have been put to the test find it’s more difficult than they imagined. Here’s twenty pictures. Some of them are real Thai women. Some are Thai ladyboys. See if you can tell which is which. Roll your mouse over the photo to read who’s a chick and who’s not, and find out how good you are at spotting the real girls. Then leave a comment and tell us how well you did.