Devon Aoki: Better Than a Barbie


If you haven’t seen Devon Aoki in DOA: Dead or Alive, you need to open a new tab in your browser and add it to your Netflix queue right now. It is the ultimate man movie. It incorporates video games, hot babes, and whole lot of ass kicking. You also get to see the thirty-one year old actress in a ton of revealing outfits. Now if the schoolgirl look is more your thing, Devon’s got that one covered in 2 Fast 2 Furious, and D.E.B.S. Watching Devon’s movies is like having your own personal dress up doll. If you want to see what else she wears, or doesn’t wear, you can check out her IMDb profile or check out her sexy gallery below. She seems to be doing the wife and mother thing recently, and hasn’t appeared in a flick since 2009, so we’ll just have to rely on the 100 photos below until she comes back to us.