Denise Richards: She’s Been Better


Not everything is like a fine wine. Denise Richards is proof that everything doesn’t necissarily get better with age. In the late 90s, Denise was the hottest thing going, but now after a failed marriage to Charlie Sheen (like we didn’t see that coming) and too many plastic surgeries, the forty year old actress is a shadow of her former self. Don’t get us wrong, she’s still hot. She could be eighty, confined to a wheel chair, and have cream of wheat running down her chin. All we’d have to do is remember that scene from Wild Things with her and Neve Campbell, and we couldn’t turn her down. It’s just too bad that too many trips under the knife is starting to leave her with that permanent surprised look. You can follow Denise Richards on Twitter and check her out, past and present, in her gallery below.