Daniela Cicarelli: Wag Watch #17

Daniela Cicarelli 27 300x198Daniela Cicarelli Lemos entered the world of WAGdom by being the fiancée of former Brazilian footballer Ronaldo (the fat one). Apparently she was all set to marry the ever-ballooning Ronaldo on February 14, 2005 when it was discovered he had been divorced for less than twelve months and therefore couldn’t legally get married again quite yet. No matter, a celebration was still held at the Château de Chantilly on that date.  It was apparently so awesome that Ronaldo suffered a toe injury at the event. Alas, the romance didn’t last. One miscarriage and 86 days, the couple was plastered on tabloids and magazines for their break-up.

Don’t feel too bad for Cicarelli, however. She kept in the limelight by doing the usual: catwalks, soap operas, magazine shoots, catalogs… the works. Oh, and the requisite sex tape. Yep. It appears Cicarelli was filmed having sex with a new man on the beach. That man? Renato “Tato” Malzoni. It was such big news that full 20 minute tape was shown on Brazilian television. Twice. Then it surfaced on YouTube. She was apparently horrified and embarrassed by the event and lawsuits ensued. Hooray for the Internet!

Don’t have a sex tape clip to show you, but how a Pepsi commercial that launched Cicarelli’s career: