Danai Gurira is Killer

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Even though it took nearly the entirety of two full seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead to finally introduce the comic’s main heroine, Michonne, it was still magical when we all finally found out how she’d be brought in and just who was going to portray her.

Danai Gurira was a relatively below-radar actress best known for her stint on HBO’s Treme before confirmations of The Walking Dead’s show-runners that she was to be our Michonne were bandied about the net. And now that it’s at the mid-season break for the third season, and she has become quite possibly one of the most ass-kicking heroes on the show (maybe even more so than Rick and Daryl), we here at Gunaxin decided it’s finally time for Danai to get her due.

Without a doubt she is adorable even under her dreads and covered with blood. It’s in her face and her eyes. But without her trademark look, she’s even more beautiful. Check out the images.