Crystal Harris: A Gold Digger Role Model


Some people called Crystal Harris a gold digger when she announced that she would be auctioning a $90,000 engagement ring given to her by former fiancé, Hugh Hefner. She told TMZ she was auctioning the ring because it “brought back bad memories.” We’re in total agreement with Crystal. $90,000 is little compensation for having Hugh Hefner’s eighty-five year old naked body forever etched in her memory. If the twenty-five year old would have followed through with the wedding she would have reportedly earned $500,000 per year in her “job” as Hef’s wife. She would have also been granted a $800,000 “signing bonus” on the day of the wedding. For that much money we’d consider sleeping with the old fart too. You can follow Crystal Harris on Twitter to see what’s the next nursing home she’ll be at to troll for men. You can also check out her gallery below to see what Hef was willing to pay half a million a year to sleep with.