Ciara Price : Hottest Bruins Fan

Ciara Price 26 560x373

In Boston, it doesn’t take too long before running into a crazy local who is obsessed¬†with Boston sports. Playmate Ciara Price (Twitter) is one of those locals. She was born in Portland, Maine but has since moved on over to the big city of, says in best Departed accent, Boston. And she isn’t a small time poser, she is a big time fan. She goes to games, tweets about GM moves, and even gets cozy with some players. Tyler Seguin take a bow.

But the one thing she doesn’t get is nearly enough press. Sure, she knows how to use Twitter and Instagram but for those of you not following her, you are missing out on a free show. The Playboy playmate is never shy about her body or posing for selfies. And for that, we thank her and honor her with a gallery of her own, just in time for the 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Tyle Seguin is a lucky man if the rumors are true.