Griswold’s Christmas Vacation Babe

Nicolette Scorsese 560x420

Nicolette Scorsese was the pool/mall babe in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We’re sure you remember her quite well :

Now, for someone who is an actress/former model, it is remarkably hard to find images of her. However, we did not give up on the holy quest at all. We managed to find out that Scorsese was once romantically linked to Antonio Sabato, Jr. We also found out that (unlike those darned Coppolas) Nicolette has no relation at all to Martin Scorsese.

Nicolette Scorsese 2

Now, to really see Nicolette in her full glory, you have to actually do a horrible thing. You actually have to watch 1993’s Boxing Helena. Scorsese has a sex scene in there and try as we might, this is all we can really show you of it.

Nicolette Scorsese 3 560x307

Half a frame before and half a frame after and you are at full glory. The whole scene lasts under two minutes, but it is almost worth it. It is kind of like watching Inventing the Abbotts just to get that one shot of Jennifer Connelly’s boobs. But if you pause it correctly, you can have a really inspiring desktop wallpaper.

In 2010, TMZ gave us one updated shot of what Nicolette looked like then (at 56-years-old) :

Nicolette Scorsese 1 560x377

You can also find a movie called Girls in Prison. Scorsese is not in there all that much and ‘Suzy’ doesn’t even get a last name. However, if you do suffer through the rest of it, then you will be rewarded with a rather glorious shower scene. Beyond that, the pickings are kind of slim. There is ample evidence that Scorsese will sign autographs from her bathing suit scenes if you can find her. Speaking of ample evidence, let’s have a look at the shot that was only half a frame away.

Nicolette Scorsese 4 560x413

Shame she wasn’t in more. It all seemed so… promising. We can’t help but think that back in the day Hugh Hefner should have at least picked up the phone on this one.