Cheryl Cole: Axed X-Factor Babe

Feature Image Cheryl Cole 560x226

Most American guys got their first taste of Cheryl Cole on last season’s US version of  The X-Factor. Before that, Cheryl’s claim to fame was being the lead singer of the British pop group, Girls Aloud. They were a lot like the Spice Girls, not bad to look at but not good to hear. Recently Fox, announced that they were replacing the twenty-seven year old singer with Nicole Scherzinger, another lead singer of a pop group that’s easy on the eyes and hard on the ears. Now the debate is raging on who’s hotter, Nicole or Cheryl. You can decide for yourself by checking out Cheryl Cole’s gallery below and then our gallery of Nicole Scherzinger coming up next week. You can also see more of Cheryl on her official website.