Chanelle Hayes : Wag Watch #8

chanelle hayes 1 300x225Even in the world of WAGs, there’s a bit of a hierarchy. And towards the bottom of that hierarchy is Chanelle Jade Hayes. The 21 year old from Cheshire, England is known as a Posh wannabe (just look at some of the pictures below including a few direct comparisons) and general attention whore. Included in all of that self-aggrandizement is a bit of WAGing, notably working her way through the Middlesbrough team. At last report she was dating midfielder Matthew Bates (she’s also been linked with Tom Huddlestone).

Although that just scratches the tip of iceberg with Ms. Hayes. She rose to “fame” in 2007 after appearing on Big Brother and followed that up with a series of photo shoots and interviews. Like any good celebrity without a defined talent, she has a reported sex tape that you can check out, and has also launched a singing career to match up with television personality and modeling talents. Here’s one of her music videos: