Celebrate Leif Erikson Day with Hot Norwegians


October 9th is celebrated as Leif Erikson Day in the United States but it’s not a date associated with any particular day in Erikson’s life. The reasoning for October 9th being Leif Erikson Day is because the ship Restauration first entered the New York Harbor from Norway on October 9th, 1825. This was the first organized immigration from Norway to the United States. It also comes close to Columbus Day on the calendar as a nice, “Leif was there first!” shout out. Really, the true celebration is about the Norwegian people and what they can bring to us in America. What better way to celebrate that than to show pictures of half naked Norwegian models? We were pretty sure you would agree.

Lene Alexandra


Miss Alexandra is a Norwegian model who has appeared in magazines such as FHM. She also likes to like sing.. or whatever. Lene would prefer to identify herself as a television personality, because 'really hot' is not exactly a defined career. It pays, but it is not really a defined career.

Kirby Ann Basken


Miss Basken is of combined Filipino and Norwegian descent. That fact alone is regularly cites in debates of whether or not there is a God. It is commonly used in the "Yes, he exists.' category. At any rate, Miss Basken was Norway's representative in the Miss Universe 2007 pageant.

Carina Dahl

carina dahl e1349739381366 560x329Words are actually put under these pictures so that you can give the illusion or random excuse that you are reading. Miss Dahl is a model that appeared in the Scandinavian edition of the show Big Brother. We also understand that she loves kittens and thinks that mean people suck.

Lene Egeli


Miss Egeli is a beauty contestant as well as having appeared on Norway's Next Top Model. In addition to modeling and maybe acting, we are pretty sure that Miss Egeli harbors a desire to one day be 'a really awesome mom.'

Mona Grudt


Mona Grudt would this day be considered something of a Professor Emeritus of Norwegian Hotness. Grudt was a Miss Universe contestant for Norway in 1990. She is currently an editor for a Norwegian wedding magazine because reading is like fun or some such. Grudt was also the host of the seventh cycle of Norway's  Next Top Model which is now officially the greatest television show we have never seen.

Monica Hansen

monica18wc7 560x374

Miss Hansen was a breakout model in men's magazines in 1997. Hansen retained enough that she was featured in Playboy twelve years later in 2009. Now, if we could just get her in a production of The Producers in that scene where "Ulla Dance now."

Pernille Holmboe


Pernille Holmboe is the former face of the clothing company Gina Tricot. There is some controversy that Holmboe may have lost her position when she got pregnant in 2010. It also may have been part of that whole ancient Norwegian versus Brazilian model death match thing. At any rate, these days you would have to go all the way to Hong Kong in order to see Holmboe in person. If there was a guarantee, it might be worth the trip.

Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias 560x372Triana is of Norwegian and Spanish descent. Ms Iglesias may be a living argument than any attempt to breed beautiful must involve at least one Norwegian. It is just a theory, but possibly an evolving one. Iglesias has appeared in several Playboy editions in several different countries. That is truly spreading worldwide love.

Eli Landa


Eli Landa is a Norwegian model who participated in the Miss Universe pageant. She is also studying to be a teacher. If all else fails, Van Halen should make a new 'Hot For Teacher' video just to honor young Miss Landa.

Tove Lill Loyte

Tove Lill Loyte 560x291Hugh Hefner once invited Miss Loyte to come to the Playboy Mansion for a photo shoot. Upon meeting her, Hef invited her to stay and be a girlfriend. Its a reasonable strategy ... if you happening to own a magazine empire and a Playboy Mansion.