Carrie Underwood: Country is Sexy

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Every single man out there knows who Carrie Underwood is but they probably don’t know how she got so big. This 27 year old phenom won the fourth season of ‘American Idol’ and began her popular career since then. Here is her audition tape:

She has multi-platinum albums, a couple of Grammy Awards, and a lot of other nominations for awards. Carrie Underwood is a good fit for country since she is from the middle of the country, Oklahoma.

The first song by Carrie Underwood that comes to mind for most is ‘Before He Cheats’. This song pretty much says if you cheat on her then she will eff your stuff up. Hopefully this hasn’t happened to her or that guy is dumb for letting this hottie go.

She’s even a WAG, after she married NHL Star (using the term loosely), Mike Fisher. The only thing Carrie Underwood needs is some sexy photoshoots. If she did that then she would be golden. These photos do her some justice though. . .