Bubbly Babes Honor Bubble Bath Day

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“Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…my bubbles!”

The internet is the greatest place on the face of the planet. It is an encyclopedia of everything in this world. If you want to know where was the largest french fry ever cooked, go to the internet. Largest ball of yarn? Internet. Most people to cram into an elevator? The internet knows.

We can even look up interesting facts like who came up with the idea for the bubble bath. Apparently, Charles Lamburn Stuart, a chemist from Scotland, came up with the idea to entertain his daughters back in 1899. Little did he know we would still be celebrating its birth, over 100 years later.

Now here we are, enjoying the busty bubbly babes that love to bathe in bubbles on January 8th each year for National Bubble Bath Day. It is just like Charles had imagined it would be.