Britain’s Twenty Five Hottest Women

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My imagination picturing a gathering of hot British women

People in America are often quite familiar with the hot women of the United States. However, once you get beyond the American borders, the knowledge begins to drop off. Even Great Britain, which was the forefather of America, isn’t all that well known. Sure, they are plenty of British entertainers that make a name for themselves in America. Many actors and actresses, plus a fair amount of music acts (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc…). And yet there remains so much unappreciated beauty to the average American.

In an effort to avoid overlooking any women from around the globe, we at Gunaxin bring you the 25 hottest British women. Here’s a fun fact for you if you want to impress someone with your knowledge. Great Britain is technically the island containing England, Scotland, and Wales. It is only when you add Northern Ireland to the mix that it should be referred to as the United Kingdom. But why am I boring you with geography lessons? How about we get to see the best Britain had to offer:

michelle5 300x225

25. Michelle Ryan

Ryan became a familiar face among British audiences thanks to her star-making role as Zoe Slater on the hit soap EastEnders. American audiences might recognize her from NBC’s short-lived re-imaging of the Bionic Woman. With green-eyes to complement stunning beauty, she’s magic to watch in whatever she does.

rachel181 222x300

24. Rachel Weisz

Here is great evidence of how sexy Weisz is. She topped the poll of Hollywood’s sexiest women, as voted by lesbians. Need more? She’s been rumored as Catwoman in the next Batman film, although I’d take that with a huge grain of salt given the bazillion Batman rumors out there. Weisz can pull off incredibly sweet and naughtily sexy, and has been in all types of movies. My personal favorite is is The Constant Gardener, a role in which Weisz took home the Oscar. She also has a bit of a trend with her, movies, and bathtubs.

jessica9 199x300

23. Jessica-Jane Clement

Clement made her name in the BBC production The Real Hustle, where she demonstrated confidence and magic tricks, distraction scams, and proposition bets on members of the public. The success has spawned a few variations of the show. It has also allowed Clement to break into television, music videos, and modeling, including an appearance in Playboy.

sarah17 300x207

22. Sarah Harding

Harding achieved success on the show Popstars, leading to her selection as the final member of the all girl band Girls Aloud. In fact, you can’t really go wrong with any of the members with Girls Aloud (more on this later), although the whole idea gives off a creepy Spice Girls vibe. Harding’s also notorious for her wild-child party-girl image, somewhat in the vein of Lindsay Lohan. However she’s mellowed in recent years in an attempt to distance herself from that reputation. I mean no one likes a trashy girl.

abbey8 224x300

21. Abbey Clancy

Clancy made headlines in 2006 on Britain’s Next Top Model, both for her finish (she was runner-up) and what was revealed. No, not a wardrobe malfunction. Instead, it was revealed during the 2006 FIFA World Cup that she was the girlfriend of England soccer star Peter Crouch. That means a lot in the soccer crazed nation. She now works as as a lingerie and catwalk model while doing the odd television hosting or presenting duties to expand beyond the “looking hot in magazines” duties.

kirsty20 245x300

20. Kirsty Gallacher

Gallacher is a Scottish television presenter who began her career as a presenter on Sky Sports News. The daughter of the former Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher, Kirsty is noted for her buxom chest and sensual good looks, which have led to numerous television and modeling opportunities.

billie4 300x225

19. Billie Piper

Piper began her career as a pop singer, but is best known for portraying Rose Tyler on the British Sci-Fi classic Doctor Who. She left the show after two seasons and swapped the Tardis for high-class hooker heels and a whip in British show The Secret Diary of a Call Girl. The show can also be seen on Showtime in the U.S. Her killer body and saucy smile make her a natural for the role of call girl Belle du Jour.

lindsey15 300x200

18. Lindsey Strutt

The first of many glamour models in this ranking, Strutt regularly appears on Page Three of the British tabloid newspaper The Sun and in men’s magazines. She’s not as famous as some other glamour models, but at twenty-one years of age she’s right at the beginning of her career.

roxanne16 225x300

17. Roxanne McKee

McKee is a Canadian born, but British raised actress and model who rose to fame by winning Hollyoaks On The Pull, an initiative to discover new talent for the popular British soap Hollyoaks. Upon selection, she was cast on the show, and stayed in the role for approximately three years, deciding to quit at the end of 2008. It is said that there are three essential ingredients to becoming a Hollyoaks babe: (1) legs that carry on into next week; (2) ample cleavage; and (3) a face that manages to be both Sunday morning hangover cure and aphrodisiac. McKee passes all three with flying colors.

danielle3 300x225

16. Danielle Lloyd

Lloyd has been a lightning rod for controversy since she was stripped of her Miss Great Britain crown in 2006 after posing for Playboy. She had previously been crowned Miss England in 2004, which allowed her to compete at Miss World 2004. Lloyd is blessed with fabulously long legs and mouthwatering dimensions which has allowed her to transition over to fashion and glamour modeling.

rhona8 300x200

15. Rhona Mitra

On this site we’ve been featuring some photos of the new Lara Croft, Alison Carrol. You can find the galleries here and here. But it was Mitra who was the original Lara Croft, even before Angelina Jolie took the role to the big screen. When you can emulate the all-time sexiest video game character, you are blessed with qualities most women do not possess. She used the role to gain fame on a global scale and obtain work in television and film. Slowly her roles have increased in size, to the point where she’s been the lead in recent features. She headlined the apocalyptic thriller Doomsday, which cracked our Top Guy Movies of 2008, and will be seen in the upcoming Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

michelle13 199x300

14. Michelle Marsh

The English glamour model has appeared in many guy magazines, and she knows the power of having men ogling her. She’s often noted for her appearances with fellow glam model Lucy Pinder. She’s also dabbled in music and reality television. For tattoo fans, she has one of a religious cross and angel’s wings accompanied by the word ‘Blessed’ written across the middle on her lower back.

jennifer19 300x224

13. Jennifer Ellison

It’s dancing that put Ellison on the map, as she won the National Ballet and Modern Dance Championships in 1996 and 1997. That led to an appearance in London’s West End and an eventual gig on the popular British soap opera Brookside. There is simply no way anyone can get enough of Jennifer’s sexy body, so modeling was the next step. In 2003 she began a music career, including an appearance in the theatrical adaptation of the musical The Phantom of the Opera.

liz14 300x242

12. Elizabeth Hurley

Although the oldest member of this top twenty-five, Hurley remains a sex symbol with her walk, her talk, and her looks. There’s a reason she cracked the Top Ten on our Forty over Forty: Sexy Older Actresses list. Still looking good after all these years, she knows how to turn up the heat, even when playing the icy-cool seductress. Of course you’ll remember her turn in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, but did you think the Princess of Darkness could be as sexy as she made him (or it?) in Bedazzled?

kelly20 209x300

11. Kelly Brook

Born Kelly Ann Parsons, Brook is an English model, actress, occasional swimwear designer, and television presenter. Her modeling career began at age sixteen, and she’s spent her time since darting from modeling gigs to appearances in a pop videos, presenting on television, appearing in the occasional movie, and even making some television show appearances, such as on Smallville. Never afraid to flaunt her sexiness, one of her finest moments remain the magnificent topless beach scene in the film Three. Brook is one of those women who has the innate ability to cause shortness of breath in the male species.

rachel5 240x300

10. Rachel Stevens

I remember inadvertently stumbling onto a show years back about S Club 7, a British pop band that concurrently aired a fake sitcom about themselves a la The Monkees. The show was forgettable, but Stevens was memorable for her role in the band and the show. S Club 7 broke up, which allowed Stevens to launch a solo career, giving her an opportunity to feature her ample curves while assaulting the pop charts. She’s also an accomplished dancer and continues her quest to break into Hollywood. For a sample, look how she can make Men’s Health sexy:

catherine19 159x300

9. Catherine Zeta Jones

There are few around that aren’t familiar with the Welsh actress, known for her incredible figure and classic elegant beauty. Her sultry looks and sexy accent only add to make a phenomenal specimen of seductiveness. Need an example, just remember that scene of her practicing the laser trap in Entrapment. Or her original turn in the Mask of Zorro? This woman looks good no matter the movie, and can anyone possibly look better in an evening gown?

kayleigh1 300x200

8. Kayleigh Pearson

Pearson is an English model famed for her blonde hair, blue eyes, and ample chest. She’s also an accomplished gymnast, so much so that she is qualified to run her own gym. If only every gymnastics event could somehow include her. She rose to fame as the winner of FHM’s High Street Honeys competition in 2003. In addition to modeling, Pearson has released a few music singles and is one of the original Candy Girls of the CandyCrib, a reality show featuring the UK’s top glamour models.

lucy6 300x224

7. Lucy Pinder

One of Britain’s top glamour models thanks to dozens of mouthwatering appearances, she’s noted for her large, natural breasts, which have been voted as being “the most beautiful all-natural pair in Britain.” Not enough for you? She’s even admitted to having a lesbian crush on Megan Fox. I’ll let that thought dance around in your mind a little. Pinder currently runs a weekly advice column in Nuts magazine, entitled “The Truth About Women,” and also has embarked on a television career. Her face and curvy physique have been seen nearly everywhere, but it’s not yet enough.

sienna11 300x282

6. Sienna Miller

Miller kicked off our Top Up and Coming Actresses list after her serious turn as socialite Edie Sedgwick in the film Factory Girl. She seems destined for bigger and greater things, especially once G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra hits theaters this summer. But it’s not her acting chops that rank her this high. It’s her statuesque frame and beautiful, subtle curves. And while she may be known as a homewrecker, we won’t hold that against her. At least not yet.

gemma2 300x225

5. Gemma Atkinson

Atkinson is an English actress, television personality, and more recently a glamour and lingerie model. She rose to fame on the teenage soap opera Hollyoaks, and decided to launch a modeling career as well. She’s a committed gym bunny with a sexy husky voice, but its her curvaceous body that keeps her in the public eye. Rumors persist of a music career as well.

cheryl10 200x300

4. Cheryl Cole

Formerly Cheryl Tweedy, she married English footballer Ashley Cole. Hence the name change. I told you we’d get back to Girls Aloud, and Cole is best known as part of the all-girl group. Of course, she’s also well known for her knockout physique. In 2008, Cole became a judge on the British show The X Factor, expanding beyond the music industry into reality TV.

keira9 300x225

3. Keira Knightley

We previously profiled Knightley in our Top Young Actresses post, where she ranked second. So she definitely has star power. She’s also blessed with an angelic face and elegance, and combined with her extreme talent it just doesn’t seem fair. You can see some her erotic brilliance in serious fare like Atonement or The Duchess, or watch her kick ass in movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. She’s a highlight of any production she’s involved in.

keeley1 199x300

2. Keeley Hazell

The English glamour model spends her time modeling lingerie, starring in a slightly odd online technology show, and hoping to make it big in the United States. She’s also well know for of all things a sex tape that was released in early January 2007. On the plus side, her tape should be a clear step up from Paris Hilton’s. Fans may also recognize her as the face of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift for PlayStation 3 or for her small role in the little seen but very entertaining film Cashback.

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1. Kate Beckinsale

Ranking British women gives one a great excuse to feature Kate Beckinsale on this site. She isn’t only beautiful, however, as her acting skills are actually a pleasure to watch as well too. And she’s Oxford-educated. That’s a complete package. Few have the versatility to pull off British theater and star in a vampire action thriller. The sight of Beckinsale in black latex simply was a joy in the Underworld series. Too bad she’s not in the third one. Instead we’ll have to get by with her portrayal of sexpot Ava Gardner in The Aviator or hope for more goodness in the upcoming thriller Whiteout. Long live Kate Beckinsale!

Apologies to all that missed the cut, it’s no shame and you’re all good looking women. If you want more, you can check ou these galleries on Emily Blunt and Anna Friel, two women who just missed being named. Our friends over at Uncoached have their own list of what they call the Fifteen Best Buxom British Babes, check it you still crave more British Beauties.