Boobquake 2010: Cleavage Edition

cleavage 101 300x225Apparently women that dress revealingly and entice men into promiscuity are the reason the world has been plagued with earthquakes.  This is according to the Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi, who said as much during Friday prayers.

In response to the douchebag statement of the cleric, college student Jen McCreight has called women to action, to test the hypothesis and cause a Boobquake, via her blog. On Monday, April 26th, Jen will be wearing the most cleavage inducing shirt that she owns and is encouraging women around the globe to do the same.  The Boobquake idea has gone viral and the story has been picked up by major news networks. If dressing scantily allegedly causes earthquakes, this date should go down in history when all the boobage causes widespread trembles.

This is definitely a cause that we can stand behind (or in front of) at Gunaxin.  Though in order to be more scientifically sound, we believe the sample size needs to be larger and suggest women dress scantily regularly, in the name of science of course.  To further help with the Boobquake, we present images of cleavage to  help intensify the effects of the experiment.