Blake Lively is the New Megan Fox

livelyBlake Lively is an actress, or so we’re told. Frankly, we’re still not sure if we’ve ever seen anything she’s ever been in, though that is sure to change next year when Green Lantern hits the big screen. The Ryan Reynolds-starring superhero movie is supposed to propel Blake Lively from It Girl to movie superstar, or so we’ve heard.

Basically, the Gossip Girl star (who was also in some movies about traveling pants, which we assume refers to sweats but can’t be sure) is poised to become the next Megan Fox. We’re not sure if that’s a good thing or not, quite honestly, but you can certainly see the similarities: smokin’ hot young actress with questionable acting talent who gets thrust into the spotlight and graces the cover of every freaking magazine ever.

We’re not sure if Blake is as big a bitch as her Fox-y counterpart (see what we did there?) is rumored to be, but hey, she sure is nice to look at! Here’s proof…