120 Bikini Boat Babes

Bikini Boat Girls 001July 4th has passed, and we have officially arrived at International Bikini Day. It’s a thing, we swear. Given the rising temperatures outside, if you have a boat, you’re likely to be using it on a day like this. If you fit into that category, we here at Gunaxin hope that you can celebrate International Bikini Day with someĀ  fine bikini clad ladies hanging out on your boat, because really, what better reason is there to have a boat? If you don’t have the funds though, party girls like these may be hard to come by in your everyday life. Short of renting a boat this weekend, you’re going to have to live out your bikini partying dreams via this amazing gallery. We’ve collected 120 of the hottest photos on the web of bikini babes boating and not a single one is following proper boater safety procedures.