Biker Babes Celebrate Bike Week

Bike Week 9 560x420In 1818, German inventor Karl Drais patented the dandy-horse, a human-propelled two wheel vehicle with both wheels on line. It wasn’t the bicycle but it was the invention that brought that idea to life.

Since then, several inventors have come up with ideas that have improved on the original. From bicycles to motorcycles, it all started with a dandy-horse.

Today, almost 200 years later, we celebrate one of the world’s greatest inventions with Bike Week at Daytona Beach, a week dedicated to people’s love of the motorcycle. It is scheduled to take place from March 8th to the 17th along the beautiful beaches of Volusia county near Daytona Beach, Florida.

Whether you ride bikes, love bikes, or just plain enjoy having a good time, head on over to Daytona because wherever you see bikes, sexy women seem to flock.