Best. Centerfold. EVER.

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Jaundice has never been so sexy.

Let’s face it, through the years we’ve all had crushes on sexy animated womenJessica Rabbit, Wilma Flintstone, Bugs Bunny when he’s dressed in drag, and of course, Marge Simpson.  Ignore the nasally voice and world’s biggest blue beehive hair do, and you’ll notice that, damn, Marge has got it goin’ on.

So when Playboy announced that its November centerfold would be Marge Simpson, people responded in equal parts confusion and relief.  Confused because, well, Marge is a cartoon, and relief because until now, they’d never been able to see her naked without searching through some really bizarre Hentai porn.

Needless to say, not long after the issue hit the stands some excited lover of animated family sitcoms rushed right to his (or her, who are we to judge?) computer and uploaded the photos online, as well as the interview, for all to see.

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Naturally, Marge appeared in the pages of Playboy for honorable reasons.

I’m donating my hefty fee from this tasteful pictorial to SPHG – Saving and Preserving Historic Gazebos.  Gazebos are disappearing, people, and they’re not coming back!

And don’t worry, her spread is informative too.  Ever wonder what turns Marge off?  Well, thankfully, now we know:

Slim men who work out rarely and take care of their bodies and whose oiled muscles gleam in the sun whey they take off their shirts.

Never before have we been so envious of fat, animated bald men.