Best Celebrity Boobs of the Last Decade

Keeley Hazell 14 560x420I know damn well this is going to come off as insulting, or at the very least sounding something like me objectifying women. Trust me, neither of these things could be further from the truth. I am a happily married man and have been for ten years. That being said, yes, as with nearly every wife, -I say nearly, because there are a few who either don’t care or don’t know- mine would really prefer I not do submissions here on the site that revolve around women’s anatomy. But sometimes (generally in a ‘what-she-doesn’t-know-ain’t-gonna-kill-her moment) I feel it’s my moral and (un)ethical responsibility as a male to hold in high esteem some ladies who have done well to take specific care of themselves. And believe me, being a boob man myself -with the aforementioned wife lugging around a positively breathtaking set of knockers herself-, I certainly know a good set when I see them.

(Editor’s Note : WTF Dude? Just get to the Boobs already)

Now, the following twenty women are by no means just presented on her chosen media as specifically for eye candy. It’s just that with the factory extras they’ve been modeled with, well, they often just can’t help but be ogled. In fact, adding to the already Emaculate beauty each possess, is the simple fact that every one here has ‘posed’ in one fashion or another. So, in all reality, they brought it upon themselves. Yeah, I’m getting flack for that one. Oh well, and so it goes! Here are our Favorite Boobs of the Last Decade.

I honestly have no idea what she did before becoming Commander T’Pol for nearly 100 far-better-with-her episodes of Star Trek Enterprise, and I don’t care. Capitol knockers, madam.

jolene blalock

I have never once seen an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and I have made no plans to do so. What I have seen is Knocked Up and several pictures of her perky chest, and that, frankly, is all I need. She was also #1 on our list of Television Stars Destined for Greater Things.



Diora Baird

Perhaps most well know for her quick appearance on Wedding Crashers, Diora has gone on to some fame in a few flicks, as well as making sure everyone who wants a little fap material has seen her ridiculous rack.

diora baird

A few years ago, FOX had a little show called That Seventies Show. This very funny program also gave us Topher Grace (VENOM!) and the exceptionally annoying Wilmer Valderrama (Handy Manny… yep). But neither of them have boobies. Laura does. Mila Kunis is also very, very fine. Just not quite as much.

laura prepon

Yes, absolutely I watched Pushing Daisies for the amazing writing and scripts, but my piece of pie was always well served from Kristen, boobs and all.

Kristin Chenoweth


Mariah Carey

As the comic Nick D’Paolo once said, “my nose whistle sounded like Mariah Carey caught in a bear trap!” Yeah, her voice can shatter diamond, but her chest can break hearts.

Mariah Carey 560x573

Here’s another show (The Big Bang Theory) I really ought to take time to watch. I’m not big on most sit-coms, but if Kaley traipses around rockin’ tank tops and wife beaters, I could make an exception.

kaley cuoco

Yes, perhaps a bit low on the old list here, but you know what? It’s her gratingly irritating demeanor and perpetual appearance on every show having to do with modeling that knocked her knockers down a peg.

Tyra Banks

Just inching above Tyra here is another of those moronic ladies whose face and body is all over the place. However, with a set of chesticles like these, things can be forgiven.

kim kardashian

What? Not in the top 10? Hell no. This woman and her dip-shit antics are about as exciting a pickax in the knee cap. Yet, it’s hard not to stare. It is very easy not to listen.

jessica simpson1

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