A Beautifully Seussical Birthday

Seuss Feature 560x280Dr. Seuss had a mind like no other. His books were amazing from cover to cover. He wrote about Grinches and Fish and Green Eggs. Even about elephants and cats with long legs.

The late great Dr. Seuss would have turned 113 years old today. The world of children’s literature will never see another American writer with the ability to create world’s of imagination so complex and so outrageous, one could only dream about going there.

Being odd and being different was never a problem with Dr. Seuss. It wasn’t about fitting in, it was about being yourself. He always wanted us to love, live, and be who we are without regrets.

I have found some of the oddest of odds for all to admire. A collection of women that will yield your hearts desire. I do this for you, not to anger or annoy. So please sit back in a chair, grab a beer, and enjoy.