Bask in the Glory of Julianna Guill


If you’re anything like us, the moment you saw the promos for the TBS sitcom Glory Daze, you scoffed and swore you’d never watch a second of the show. And if you’re like us, you also went against your better judgment, watched enough of the show to realize it’s not as bad as one would guess, and then kept right on watching in hopes that the show would evolve into one steady camera showing the amazingly hot Julianna Guill doing, well, pretty much anything.

Julianna Guill is a 22 year old actress from North Carolina who isn’t just nice to look at, but apparently has some serious smarts to her as well, having attended NYU. She’s been landing small roles in various TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother, CSI and One Tree Hill for awhile now, and if you’ve seen the remake of Friday the 13th, well, then you’ve seen her naked. And it was glorious.

And now, with the first season of Glory Daze wrapping up, we give you one more opportunity to bask in the glory of Julianna Guill…