Aya Kiguchi: Way Hotter Than Pikachu

header2We can forgive Japan for the whole Pokemon thing because they also gave us Gavure idols.  Aya Kiguchi is one of those scantily clad Gavure idols that grace the pages of books and magazines throughout Japan. The only problem is  if you want to find out more about these girls you better be able to read Japanese, because the majority of the websites dedicated to them are in Japanese. What we could find out about Aya, in English, is that she is twenty-six years old and along with modeling is also an actress and singer. Interestingly, the title of one of her films translates into Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge. Although we’ve never seen it, it sounds like a masterpiece. You can follow Aya Kiguchi, in English, on Facebook. You can also check out her gallery below which is hot in any language.