Ask a Girl : “Why doesn’t she like it when I go fishing?”

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Gunaxin realizes men need a place to ask those questions you could never actually discuss with her. So, we’re providing some of those answers you seek from a real live specimen of the female sex. So we’ll choose questions asked by real guys just like you about the women in their lives. Not only do we give you the answers you need, we also try to demonstrate practical solutions to put an end to the problem!

Mark from Kentucky asks:

I am an avid fisherman, but my wife hates it.  She complains every time I go fishing, saying I never spend enough time with her and that I enjoy the company of fish more than her.

How can I get her to let me go fishing without all the fighting that usually goes along with it?  What can I do to keep my wife AND my fishing?


First of all, you have to understand why she does this.  It’s not that she has anything against you actually fishing.  It’s just a simple matter of you enjoying something without her.  She sees how much you love it, and she feels hurt because you can actually have that much fun without her there.

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Do NOT try lying. You will fail.

The Solution:

Disclaimer:  This solution is assuming you have a wife who would not be caught dead actually fishing.  If you have one of those few girls who really enjoy that sort of thing, it will not work.  If that’s the case, however, count your lucky stars and just let her fish with you.  There are plenty of men out there who would kill to have a chick who likes fishing!

This problem is very easily and thoroughly remedied, though it will require a little sacrifice on your part.  If you really want to be able to fish without the nagging, though, it’ll be worth it.

Step One:  Express a desire to start doing things together.  Tell your wife you feel as if your relationship would benefit from understanding one another more.  Explain that you feel the way to accomplish this is by joining in the other’s hobbies.

Step Two:  Put your words into actions.  Let her go first.  Does she enjoy shopping?  Sewing?  Mary Kay parties?  Whatever it is, go with her.  Participate.  Act as if you wish to learn everything there is about the things she normally does on her own.  In addition to being a step in getting your fishing time, this also has an incredibly positive side effect.  Once her friends see your behavior, she will have a difficult time getting sympathy from them when she complains about you.  This, in turn, will cause her to stop focusing on the negatives she sees in you.  Of course, if her friends are the wives of your buddies, your friends will start hating you.

Step Three:  This is the good part.  It’s your turn.  You’ve been the sensitive husband doing all you can to better understand and be a part of your wife’s interests.  Now, it’s time to take her fishing.  Act excited and pleased that you now get to share something you so enjoy with the woman you love!  Once you’re out on the boat, or settled under your favorite tree by the lake, hand her the fishing pole and bait.  Show her how to bait the hook (this works best with live bait), then insist she try it next time alone!  After all, you practiced giving manicures for her, right?  What are a few worm guts if she really wants to help your marriage as much as you do?  When she catches a fish, show her how to take it off the hook.  Once again, she’s got to do it the next time.  Don’t forget, she’s also going to have to learn how to clean the fish she catches.

Step Four:  Next time you want to go fishing, invite her along.  When she remembers her last day of hot sun, biting bugs and worm guts, she’ll be happy to stay behind and let you go alone!  To milk this for all it’s worth, act hurt that you’re having to fish without her.  Leave before she starts feeling too guilty, however, or she may wind up tagging along.  If you can make her feel bad enough about not wanting to fish with you, yet get out of the door before she actually decides to go so that you won’t be hurt, you can probably look forward to a great fishing trip alone, then a wonderful night of her making up for her guilt once you get home!

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