Ask a Girl : Dating my Ex-Girlfriend’s Best Friend

Ask a Girl 560x431She’s beautiful, she’s smart and she does that thing with her fingers in your hair that turns you into a sixteen year old in the back seat of a car. Your girl… You love her. Sometimes, however, she just does something that leaves you wondering when her body was invaded by aliens from the planet HUH?!?.

Gunaxin realizes men need a place to ask those questions you could never actually discuss with her. So, we’re providing some of those answers you seek from a real live specimen of the female sex. So we’ll choose questions asked by real guys just like you about the women in their lives. Not only do we give you the answers you need, we also try to demonstrate practical solutions to put an end to the problem!

Jonah from California asks:

“I’m now dating my ex-girlfriend’s best friend. They’re still good buddies, and it wasn’t an ugly breakup. All in all, things turned out pretty well considering how much opportunity there was for it to blow up in my face. However, every now and then, I get the idea they talk about me. Do you think they would do that? If so, what do chicks usually talk about?”


The answer to your first question is a huge, resounding YES! Not only would she talk about you, but your ex is morally obligated to fill her bestie in on every little fault you have. Also, no matter how clean your break up with her was, it’s almost guaranteed she’ll exaggerate every single one of these faults by at least 97.4%.

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"He does what in his sleep?!?

Remember that time you downed the last of her Diet Pepsi? Your new girlfriend will hear that story as you always finishing off every bite of food in the house that she ever reserved for herself. Ever left the toilet seat up and she fell in? Well, by now she’s reported that as a daily occurrence, and very possibly the very thing that lead to your break up. Also, the new chick is hearing about every single weird thing you do in bed, and all guys do weird things in bed. Funny positions, tastes, smells, noises… By the time you actually get around to making love to your girlfriend for the first time, she’s going to have heard so many blow by blow accounts, she’ll feel like she’s been doing it with you for years.

The Solution:

There’s not much you can do here, unfortunately. Short of going ahead and laying it all out on the table for the new girlfriend, and possibly inadvertently confessing to sins she’s not yet heard about, you’re going to have to wait it out. Trust me, eventually she’s going to spring one of these babies on you:

“Samantha said you always liked for her to kiss your earlobes. Why don’t you like it when I do it?”

The best thing to do in this situation is to lie your ass off. Tell her you had to fake every moment with Samantha. Say you pretended to like everything she did, just to not hurt her feelings. Let her know you feel so much closer to her, you feel you can be honest with her in a way you never could with old what’s-her-name. It’s not that you actually enjoyed the earlobe kissing. You were faking it the whole time. Better yet, tell her you were always thinking about HER during sex with your ex!

Yes, your ex WILL hear all of this. However, it’s much better to have your ex pissed off at you than your girlfriend any day.

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