Ashley Greene : Beyond Twilight


Ashley Greene (Twitter) is no doubt best known for her role as Alice Cullen in the Twilight series of movies. We’ve never seen any of those films though, so we know her better for dating Gerard Butler, and posing in bodypaint for some Sobe advertising. We’re hoping that Twilight thing is over, so she can move on to other roles where we may actually catch her in a flick.

Greene Random 258x300One such role comes in this weekend’s release of the horror film, Random. It’s about a college girl left alone on campus over Thanksgiving break, it opens on Labor Day Weekend, and Green is actually the villain. That doesn’t exactly sound like a winner, and based on the trailer and photos from the film, it appears Ashley will be going for a darker, less sexy look than normal. So here are 100 photos to remind you what she really looks like, while we hope that Staten Island Summer is better :