Arianny Celeste: Music Video Star

Arianny Celeste Music Video 2

We’ve been some of Arianny Celeste’s biggest fans for a while now, and have posted a number of galleries of the UFC Octagon Girl’s videos and pictures, so you know we were excited when she revealed her new music video. Arianny collaborated with house music team Manufactured Superstars to create a video that is half techno-pop, half J.J. Abrams lens flare and mainly an excuse to have Celeste in a bikini.

Arianny Celeste Music Video bikini

The video is already on YouTube and iTunes, naturally, and should be coming to an MMA arena and club near you soon.

The “plot” isn’t difficult to understand, it’s a standard science fiction/porn story of a hot alien sent to earth to seduce and abduct a man. While the video focuses on a robotic Arianny courting an unsuspected target, we are guessing that he isn’t going to complain too much about any probing that will take place.

Arianny Celeste Music Video