Annie Wersching: Putting the Fox in Fox Television

Annie 202x300Now you may not recognize the name Annie Wersching, but if you watch the Fox show 24 you’re definitely familiar with her work as bad-ass undercover operative Renee Walker, the former by the books FBI agent to rogue spy and Jack Bauer disciple.  You might also be familiar with her because she’s the smoking hot one on the show.

The 32 year old native of St. Louis bounced around Hollywood in bit parts on shows like Angel, Charmed, Boston Legal and Supernatural before finally finding a home alongside Kiefer Sutherland in 24, and has quickly become one of the very best reasons to keep watching as the show jumps giant, laser equipped sharks at every turn.  But we’ll keep right on watching, of course, at least until those laser sharks actually do turn up as part of some nefarious plot.  Actually, we’ll still probably watch just to see Jack torture them for information.

Last month we gave you a list of reasons to be glad that 24 is back, but we probably could have stopped at one: Annie Wersching.