Ani Lorak : From Ukraine with Love

Ani Lorak1 560x264We can all agree that Ukraine is a badass country that has produced some of the best athletes of all time. You hopefully know the names, such as the absolute phenom and greatest pole vaulter of all time Sergey Bubka, Ballon d’ Or winners and soccer’s all time greats Oleg Blokhin and Andriy Shevchenko, and of course two of the most dominant heavyweight boxing champions ever, The Klitschkos. Ukraine however doesn’t produce only great athletes and badass military special forces, but some of the most sexy and gorgeous chicks you have ever seen. The Pop singer and national superstar Ani Lorak is the living proof to all this.

Having received Ukraine’s most prestigious and honorary title, the People’s Artist of Ukraine, Lorak is considered one of the most powerful and influential women in her country, as well as ranked one of the most beautiful women from Eastern Europe. Ani also represented her country in the annual Eurovision Song Contest, where she finished second from 51 countries and proved that she also has a great voice matching with her amazing looks; a really rare combination nowadays.

From Ukraine with love, gentlemen.