Amy Childs : Amazing East London Girl

Amy Childs 34 560x338

Everyone watches Celebrity Big Brother, it is one of the most addicting shows on TV, so just admit it. Amy Childs became known for her role in the British TV show The Only Way is Essex but her stardom really broke out during her time on Big Brother.

The model from East London has slowly become one of the biggest names in Britain since David Beckham. Well, almost. It won’t be long before the newly turned 26-year-old climbs to the top. She has more talent in one leg than most people have in their entire body.

No one knows what that means so don’t even try to decipher it. But it has something to do with being more beautiful, more incredible, and more irresistible than anyone else. That is Amy Childs and that is why we are celebrating her 26th birthday today.