Alyssa Milano: This is 40

Alyssa Milano6 560x315

On December 19th, 2012 – the beloved Alyssa Milano (Twitter) turned 40. In an encouraging note to children of the 1980s everywhere, you don’t have to feel old at all. Milano certainly doesn’t appear to have aged in a bad way from what we can see. It is still as appropriate to have her as a dream girl today as when she was in Who’s The Boss? That is, of course assuming you were not forty when she was in Who’s The Boss? What better way to celebrate Milano turning 40 than by showing hot pictures of her?

alyssa milano 1

alyssa milano 2

alyssa milano 3

alyssa milano 4 560x415

alyssa milano 5 560x412

alyssa milano 6 560x414

alyssa milano 7

alyssa milano 8 560x417

alyssa milano 9

alyssa milano 10 560x405

That should make you feel young and kind of Charmed all over again.