Allison Baver is Going to Melt the Olympic Ice

610x 560x372Every Olympics contains one girl that makes guys watch sports they never knew existed. The 2010 Winter Olympics are no different, meet the gold medalist in my heart regardless of the outcome. Allison Baver is a US speed skater that is guaranteed to be the hottest thing to hit the Olympics since Mark Spitz’s hairy-ass chest.

dn3 300x247Baver’s frame is solid in every sense of the word. She is so toned she could be mistaken for a Greek goddess. So what if she can squat more than me? Or beat me in any athletic event I have ever attempted? This little mama has legs so strong they would crack any mans’ torso or the dreams of any other competitive speed skater. This 5’4” hottie is sure to turn heads in Vancouver. Check out the gallery below to see why I haven’t been this excited about the winter Olympics since John Candy led the Jamaican bobsled team to glory.